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Daniel’s Value and Ideas #93: On Good and Bad, Part II

The death of Brian Sewell heralded the death of art criticism. Or so I said. It was an inflammatory claim, designed to rile, but there was a grain of anxious serious in it. Sewell was not just a contrarian, he was an astute critic of refined tastes and a conscientious objector.

Daniel’s Value and Ideas #86: Not So Standard Fair

Art fairs have become ubiquitous in the landscape of the art market. Once you’ve seen one fair, you’ve seen them all: row upon makeshift row of booths desperate to stand out, populated by art that stirs a faint sense of déjà vu and expectant gallerists wielding bottles of champagne. And there’s always a throng of revellers who are there to be seen and those of us waving our press passes as if we matter to the whole circus. But START is different.

Daniel’s Value and Ideas #82: The Punk Potter and the Philosopher’s Moan

August is a quiet time in the artworld. Galleries have summer shows that drag on, nothing new opens and everyone who can afford to take a month off goes on holiday. The rest of us are still here, not exactly slaving away because there’s nothing to slave at, but languishing in the doldrums. Now the first shards of light are starting to creep through…

Daniel’s Value and Ideas #80: The Importance of Being Tracey

Being Tracey Emin is a full time occupation, although probably not as labour intensive as being Gilbert & George. She is saddled with the unenviable task of perpetuating the myth of Mad Tracey from Margate, which is the source of all her power, while also drifting gently into middle age and maturing as an artist to ensure her longevity. So one wonders how she has time for lavish birthday parties, building controversial new houses and judging drawing competitions.

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