REVIEW: Joseph Beuys: Utopia at the Stag Monuments

On the eastern front in 1944, rear gunner Joseph Beuys (b1921-d1986) was—according to his own personal mythology— rescued from a burning Stuka by Tatar nomads and wrapped in fat and felt. These totemic materials predominate throughout the German artist’s work, with the myth as a resonating centre of meaning, both personal and historical, even if the story itself isn’t really true.

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My week in the art world – Haunting voices

Installation view of Tamar Harpaz: Crazy Delay This week, as I was not training for nor running in the London marathon, I had the opportunity to hear a myriad of haunting voices through Tamar Harpaz, Tayrn Simon and Italo Calvino. On Tuesday I headed over to Edel Assanti to see Crazy Delay, Harpaz’s first UK […]

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