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microlino-electric-car-FAD MAGZINE

We love the Microlino

We love the Microlino – a small, electric city car that is now legal to drive across European roads. Production starts this December with deliveries in Switzerland before entering the German market in 2019.


Plumen – Willow and Wilma

We love Willow and Wilma from PLumen, LED filament bulbs that offer the super warm light of incandescents in 21st century silhouettes. Ideal for those who like the look of exposed filaments bulbs but want something fresh and original.

solectrike-future-mobility-concept- FAD magazine

We love the Soletrike

We love the Solectrike, a vehicle sharing system and future mobility concept that is specially designed for seaside towns

Vycle - FAD magazine

You can now cycle up buildings

Designed by Royal College of Art graduate Elena Larriba, Vycle is a pedal-powered, vertical transportation system that offers a space-saving alternative to lifts and stairs.


Mini Remastered

Mini Remastered combines the iconic Sixties car’s looks with coachbuilding construction, modern technology and luxury hand-finished materials.


The Scrooser

We Love the Scrooser, an electric scooter that gives people the chance to ride without the need for a license or helmet.

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