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Swedish engineers create bird feeding billboard

A massive billboard covers the front of a six-story office in the Swedish city Uppsala. It shows a photograph of two hands, in which eight small plates are placed creating a perfect hangout for birds.
It´s early morning in March. The outside temperature is minus seven and the ground is covered with ice.  
Sweden is no country for small birds in the winter. Food supplies are low. A fact that doesn´t seem to bother the birds that this morning have settled down to eat. For a few weeks now, they have been enjoying an unlimited amount of bird seed from an automatic bird feeder.

Behind the initiative stands Ramboll, the leading sustainable society consultant in Sweden. This real life interactive billboard is their latest installation.

The bird-billboard is a creative example of how we use technology to create value for people, society and nature. In this case for the birds in Uppsala. We call it Engineering for life,

says Linus Almqvist, Head of Communications at Ramboll Sweden.

As a purpose driven company categorised by innovative solutions we always strive to give back to society. It has been a part of our DNA for more than 70 years,

says Linus Almqvist.


Ramboll was founded in Denmark in 1945 by the engineers Børge Rambøll and Johan George Hannemann. As witnesses to the destruction of the Second World War, they felt a strong urge to re-build and develop society. They believed that technology can improve  peoples everyday life and the societies we live in. While staying true to their roots, the company has solved challenges throughout the history in fields such as transportation, air- and water quality, buildings and landscape architecture. Today Ramboll is the leading technical society consultant with 13 000 experts in 35 countries who design cities and societies where people want to live.



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