We love Yukako Hihara’s Anti-Gravity Shoes

Japanese artist and designer Yukako Hihara has designed a pair of shoes that use the repulsive force of magnets to create the physical sense of ‘walking on the moon’. The Anti-Gravity Shoes were designed as part of an experiment into creating something for consumers that made them feel like they were flying.

yukako-hihara-anti-gravity-shoes-magnets-FAD Magazine

‘I wanted to make the impossible, possible,’

explains Yukako.

‘When I was a kid, I dreamt of flying, like PeterPan, walking on the clouds or even on the moon.’

Yukako relied on the power of magnetism and its ability to foster attraction and repulsion to create the physical sensation of defying gravity.

yukako-hihara-anti-gravity-shoes-magnets-FAD Magazine

Because I prioritized the design, the size of this magnet does not provide enough magnetic force and so does not float completely when walking, this is a point of improvement point, as the ideal situation would be to stay floating in the air.’

Yukako explains.

The main body of the shoes are made using a clear polyurethane, which has been shaped into a futuristic design. The Anti-Gravity Shoes use 4 flat disc-shaped magnets, two of which are embedded in the outer sole of each shoe and the others built into removable insoles.

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