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We love the Microlino

We love the Microlino – a small, electric city car that is now legal to drive across European roads. Production starts this December with deliveries in Switzerland before entering the German market in 2019.

microlino-electric-car-FAD MAGZINE

The Microlino’s 2.4 meter-long, dual toned design is based upon a BMW ‘Isetta’ from 1956. The car delivers two different ranges – 126km and 202km – depending on whether you choose the small or large battery to be installed at, 8kW/h and 14.4kW/h respectively. The two-seater car can be recharged at any conventional domestic power socket. Plus the front door design ensures that when cross-parked in cities you and your passenger can exit and step straight on to the pavement.


microlino-electric-car-FAD MAGZINE

microlino-electric-car-FAD MAGZINE

microlino-electric-car-FAD MAGZINE



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