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We love these camera paper sculptures by Seoul-based artist Lee Jihee

We love these camera paper sculptures by Seoul-based artist Lee Jihee. Lee is interested in how the technology of the time effected the design of the camera. He uses colourful paper to accentuate the form.

lee-jihee-paper-vintage-camera- FAD magazine
VIDAX — year: 1948; manufacturer: Vidmar Camera co. USA lens: Kodak ektar f3.7/105mm

Lee Jihee’s practice centers around an investigation of modern day technology and a longing for the past.

‘As anyone can take a picture with their mobile phone in this era, they feel the nostalgia for the film camera,’

Lee Jihee describes,

‘Contax, Rolleiflex, and Leica have a large body since they need to contain the film, and also have to be installed for a camera lens. The weighty body and lenses gives the device a huge impression. The classical camera — which is the integration of the optical technology and the industrial design of the time — is coloured to give it liveliness.’

lee-jihee-paper-vintage-camera-FAD magazine
TROPEN ADORO — year: 1927; manufacturer: Zeiss Ikon Germany; Lens: Dominar Anastigmat f4.5/135mm

lee-jihee-paper-vintage-camera-FAD Magazine
SUPER KODAK SIX-20 — year: 1938; manufacturer: kodak (eastman K), USA; lens: kodak anastigmat special f3.5/100mm

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