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A levitating, motion-triggered, music-activated, visual speaker that looks like a cloud.


Richard Clarkson has created The Cloud a levitating, motion-triggered, music-activated, visual speaker you can have in your home and that looks like a cloud. Designed in collaboration with Crealev, an innovative Dutch design company specialising in levitation technology.

Cloud from Richard Clarkson on Vimeo.

Making Weather is a levitating, interactive entertainment ‘experience’ which uses The Cloud that makes you feel like you’re in the presence of a mini-thundercloud. Here’s how it works: both the cloud and its reflective oval base are embedded with magnetic components – these magnets allow the cloud to float one to two inches above the base. The white ‘cloud’ material is made of hypoallergenic fibrefill, which is hand fluffed – making each and every cumulus visually unique, just as clouds are. The outer material is felted onto a sponge casing, inside of which are the speakers, the electronics and the all-important magnets. The speaker system itself is powerful and users stream music via Bluetooth. The cloud is also embedded with motion sensors to create unique lightning and thunder shows and the whole thing is controlled by a remote control.


Recent work to expand the clouds music reactive code by creative technologist Oscar de la Hera enables the cloud to react to voice and ambient sounds as well sound systems and other Smart Clouds.



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