Jellyfish Vases

We Love these Jellyfish Vases designed by Japanese studio Nendo. They are made from ultrathin transparent silicon, which has been dyed twice to make it look like it is just a sillhouette when submerged in a water-filled display. 30 vases will be floated in an aquarium so that they gently move around like jellyfish.
The installation, hosted at the Jil Sander store in Milan, will feature flowers as well as the vases.


The strength and direction of the water’s current will change, so that the vases undulate gently along the bottom of the tank like slowly moving jellyfish.

“The design was to redefine the conventional roles of flower, water and vase by making the water inconspicuous, with an ensemble of both flowers and vases floating inside the filled water, as opposed to simply showing off flowers in a water-filled vase,”

said Nendo.

The installation forms part of Nendo’s Milan exhition, titled Invisible Outlines, which takes place from 4th to 9th April at the Jil Sander showroom.

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