This valentine’s day Rankin investigates the future of love with a new exhibition

Rankin says:

“When I first met my wife Tuuli, she literally took my breath away. But when I look at relationships in this new digital world, everything feels so solitary and at arm’s-length or, even worse, based on algorithms. I wanted to explore the ideas of romance and love in a positive and upbeat way. Where interaction and feelings are as important as swiping right or likes.”

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Style Snapshots and Sartorial Soundbites

WHAT: On the eve of London Fashion Week, creative maverick Rankin hosted a ‘New Season’ party for friends, colleagues and the fashion fraternity. It was chock-a-block, champagne o’clock spectacular! WHEN: September 12 2019 WHERE: Rankin’s HQ, London NW5 WHO: Rankin, portrait and fashion photographer WHERE: *spotted* outside chatting and being all-round welcoming WEAR: UNIQLO T-shirt WHO: […]

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RANKIN + Andrew Gallimore = NEW Book

Rankin teams up with Hunger’s very own visionary Beauty-Editor-At-Large Andrew Gallimore by Rankin. As the UK’s first ambassador for Dior, Andrew has never been one to shy away from experimentation while, since founding Dazed & Confused in 1992; Rankin has captured almost every walk of life with his lens. With a creative partnership spanning several […]

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