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LGBTQ+ portraiture series hopes to challenge underrepresentation in advertising.

By showcasing the breadth of the LGBTQ+ community in 2021 this awareness campaign seeks to tackle the lack of diversity in advertising. The project is being specifically released today 28th June to coincide with the Stonewall Uprising – one of the leading events that pushed forward the Gay Liberation Movement.

Lady Phyll Found of UK Black Pride & RoXXXan Musician

Conceived and shot by Photographer-Director Jordan Rossi, the photo series captures a cross-section of the community including recognisable faces including:

UK Black Pride Founder Lady Phyll, broadcaster and author Riyadh Khalaf, stylist and model Kyle De’Volle, actor Nathaniel Curtis, RuPaul’s Drag Race UK Season 2 star Bimini Bon Boulash and original members of the Gay Liberation Front.

Kyle De’Volle Stylist & Activist and Dani St James Activist

“I’ve always strived to make work I wish I had seen when I was younger and this is exactly that. Representation in advertising is extremely narrow. Even in 2021. I wanted to create a snapshot of the community to re ect how it stands today. From disabled LGBTQ+ people to those who are Asexual to the original trailblazers who fought for our rights to the activists who are changing the perceptions of what it means to be LGBTQ+ today. It’s been an honour to work with and photograph so many inspiring and thought-provoking individuals”

Jordan Rossi

The project is being supported by charities Stonewall and Models of Diversity and creative agency RANKIN.

Ruby Rare Author & Activist

“As a charity, we have spent the last 10 years campaigning for more diversity and inclusion for every age, size, colour, ability and sexuality in the advertising industry. With more than a third of LGBTQ+ adults also identifying as having a disability, it was so important for us to collaborate on this innovative project to help highlight the intersection of disability and LGBTQ+. Both communities are seriously underrepresented in the media and we love that this project not only represents the trailblazers of the past but also reflects the community today. We hope these amazing images will help combat ableism and discrimination in every area of society.”

Models of Diversity
Stuart Feather & Ted Brown Gay Liberation Front

For more information visit proudnation.co.uk

Featuring Dani St James, Radam Ridwan, John Loyd, Ruby Rare, RoXXXan, Riyadh Khalaf, Andrew Lumsden, Lady Phyll, Lizzie Williams, Ted Brown, Bimini Bon Boulash, Nathaniel Curtis, Stuart Feather, Daniele Lul, Yasmin Benoit, Joseph Hyman & Kyle De Volle

Photographer: Jordan Rossi at RANKIN
Producer: Elliot Zelmanovits
Runner: Felix Casper Cole
Photo Assistants: Derrick Kakembo, Doma Dovgialo 
Makeup Artist: Marco Antonio
Hair Stylist: Emma Small @ Stella Creative Artists
Hair Assistant: Jacinta Andolini @ Stella Creative Artists
Stylist: Krishan Parmar
Stylist Assistant: Gurdit Singh




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