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Rankin’s SWAG- Bringing a love for contemporary photography into every home.

Launched by British photographer Rankin, SWAG is a new concept in photography collecting by celebrating the visual through print and limited edition. SWAG is here to bring a love for contemporary photography into every home.

SWAG showcases both archival and new works from the prolific photographer, alongside highlighting his projects with collaborators and creatives who make up the wider Rankin Studio Family. A space for fashion, art, beauty, nude, floral, and portrait photography, the ethos behind SWAG is that everyone can and should be able to access photography. Breaking down the boundaries of the traditional art world, this isn’t a stuffy white cube, at SWAG photography collecting ranges from t-shirts and posters, to high-end art pieces.

A project in four parts:


Print isn’t dead. Publishing is a vital and vibrant part of the art and photography world; a way of sharing contemporary visual culture and celebrating themes, topics and creatives we love. 

“I’m obsessed with the printed page. From magazines to coffee table books, I may be a photographer, but I’m also a publisher at heart.”



Your home should reflect who you are. We’re all curators of our own lives and the art on our walls speaks volumes.

SWAG is opening up RANKIN’s archive, offering you the chance to purchase a limited-edition piece of photographic history. From conceptual fashion photography to beauty shoots, and celebrity portraiture; find something which speaks to you.


Photography doesn’t just live on gallery walls or in pages of exclusive magazines, photography is part of the fabric of our everyday lives.

SWAG offers you a chance to buy authentic pieces that you know represent the values and quality of the Rankin Studio.


Everyone has the right to experience and enjoy photography.

Here we bring you our events, talks and exhibitions, so you too can come face-to-face with photographic culture.

Whether it’s through your own Rankin shoot, the creation of a unique artwork just for you, or you’re joining us at one of our studio open days, we can’t wait to see you soon.

Wear it, use it, display it, gift it: Photography everywhere.

Rankin’s, SWAG



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