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Daniel’s Value and Ideas #86: Not So Standard Fair

Art fairs have become ubiquitous in the landscape of the art market. Once you’ve seen one fair, you’ve seen them all: row upon makeshift row of booths desperate to stand out, populated by art that stirs a faint sense of déjà vu and expectant gallerists wielding bottles of champagne. And there’s always a throng of revellers who are there to be seen and those of us waving our press passes as if we matter to the whole circus. But START is different.

EXCLUSIVE Interview with probably the busiest man in art this August Niru Ratnam

It’s a very straightforward idea on one level – to shine a spotlight on emerging artists and new art scenes. The design of it though is a bit more complex – it draws on the traditional idea of the art fair for the ground floor and first floor of the Saatchi Gallery but then the second floor is a series of curator-lead projects including solo exhibitions, a group exhibition and solo artist presentations.

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