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START art fair announces it’s project line up

Running from Wednesday 9th September (Preview Day) to Sunday 13th September, START is a five-day long event that shines a spotlight on emerging artists and new art scenes. Nearly half of the second edition of the fair will be dedicated to focused exhibitions and solo artist presentations, showcasing the most dynamic new art coming out of Asia and beyond.

CARTER presents Jonny Green Don’t Let Your Youth Go To Waste 2014

START Projects is a series of curator-led initiatives that will occupy the entire second floor of the Saatchi Gallery.

The 2015 edition of Start Projects features ‘This is Tomorrow’, a solo exhibition by the award-winning Japanese collective Chim?Pom, highlights from the Prudential Singapore Eye and an immersive environment by ‘ultra-technologist’ phenomenon teamLab.

This Is Tomorrow
‘This Is Tomorrow’ is a series of solo artist presentations selected by START’s Fair Director, Niru Ratnam. The section focuses on artists whose work is rooted in the contemporary either through the way they work, their subject matter or the context in which they work.

Presentations include Pala Pothupitye the Sri Lankan artist who won the 2010 Sovereign Art Prize, who shows with Hempel Galleries from Colombo SriLanka. Pothupitye’s work articulates history of violence in the island drawing on both formal academic training and his family background as craft-based visual practitioners.

Hempel Galleries_Pala Pothupitiye_History Maker 02, 2012
Pala Pothupitiye History Maker 02 , 2012 Acrylic on canvas, 101 x 151 cm
Courtesy the artist and Hempel Galleries, Colombo

Identity politics and what comes after that also lie at the heart of the collaborative practice of Hannah Quinlan Anderson and Rosie Hastings who are showing with Peckham-based gallery Arcadia Missa. Since graduating the artists have deconstructed and re-imagined the space of the ‘gay bar’ in a mode of work that shifts from critique through mourning to celebration.

Arcadia Missa_Hannah Quinlan Anderson & Rosie Hastings_Becoming Natural, Still From Film, 2014_2
Hannah Quinlan Anderson & Rosie Hastings Becoming Natural (still from film), 2014 HD Video, 5.50 min
Courtesy the artist and Arcadia Missa, London

Chinese-born, London-based artist Vay Hy, showing with Christine Park Gallery (London), will present a series of abstract ink paintings whose final forms are determined by the use of salt and acrylic as well as the effect of the everyday English weather on them as they stand on the balcony outside his studio.

Aida Silvestri will present works from her series Even This Will Pass with Roman Road (London). Her blurred photographs of Eritrean refugees who have travelled illegally to the United Kingdom are each accompanied by a text detailing the experiences of those journeys, whilst a hand-stitched thread across the surface of each photograph is a depiction of the route of those journeys.

Roman Road_Aida Silvestri, Anghesom, 2013
Aida Silvestri Anghesom / Anghesom poem , 2013 Giclé print on paper, 84.5 x 60cm & 25 / 17.7cm Courtesy the artist and Roman Road, London

The full list of presentations is:
Hannah Quinlan Anderson and Rosie Hastings (Arcadia Missa, London)
Farhad Gavzan (Dastan’s Basement, Tehran)
Jonny Green (CARTER presents
Rae Hicks (CANAL, London)
Vay Hy (Christine Park Gallery, London)
Kim In Kyum (Gallery SoSo, Seoul)
Liane Lang (LOEWE Contemporary London)
Myungil Lee (Gallery H.A.N., Seoul)
Nomusa Makhubu (Erdmann Contemporary, Cape Town) Pala Pathupitiye (Hempel Galleries, Colombo)
Aida Silvestri (Roman Road, London)
Morten Viskum (UNION Gallery)
David Ben White (l’étrangère, London)

l'étrangère_David Ben White_Inside Outside 11, 2015
David Ben White Inside Outside 11 , 2015 Mixed media, 123 x 123 cm Courtesy the artist and l’étrangère, London

Winners of the ‘Emerging Artist of the Year’ at the second Prudential Eye Awards held in January this year, Chim?Pom will present their first UK solo exhibition at START. Chim?Pom make works that intervene in contemporary Japanese society, often with strong social messages interweaved with a humorous, questioning mode of address. The exhibition will include Black of Death, a film that features the collective herding an ever-growing crowd of crows over Tokyo’s landmarks. A later version was set partly in the evacuation zone around Fukushima.

A related work, REAL TIMES (2011) was filmed whilst Chim?Pom trespassed into high- security areas of towns uninhabited due to the Fukushima nuclear accident. The work culminates with the group stretching out a white flag, spraying the red circle of the Japanese flag onto it before transforming this into a radiation symbol.

Chim?Pom have previously exhibited at MoMA P.S.1 (New York), Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo, National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts (Taipei), Seattle Art Museum and Moscow Museum of Modern Art amongst other venues. They will exhibit as part of group show at Turner Contemporary later this year.

Further details will be shortly announced about teamLab and this year’s Prudential Eye Zone.
www.startartfair.com for the latest updates on START’s programme.



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