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Chicken n Waffles- Bas van den Hurk

Chicken n Waffles- Bas van den Hurk

An image of people living on Manchester Ave., their homes constructed of cardboard, plastic tarps, and their own furniture huddles against the chain link fence separating it from LAX. Atop the image, a discarded fridge houses a nylon sleeping bag. Concrete forms cast from the city’s refuse and recycling containers finish the composition.

Regen Projects presents the United States premiere of Three Sisters, a new film and installation by Berlin-based German artist John Bock.

The centerpiece of the exhibition presents a large-scale installation featuring the props and stage set for Three Sisters, the accompanying film playing in the side gallery. The film tells the story of three siblings who come together to avenge the untimely death of one of the sisters’ young daughters. Evoking tropes of slapstick and farce, the narrative explores themes of repressed desire, fear, loss, anger, and tragedy.

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