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L.A based artist Mar Cuervo destroys puddings for art. 

mar cuervo

‘I started collecting what I called ‘edible objects’ that caught my attention because of their softness and fragility,’

she says.

‘they were screaming to be destroyed’.

Cuervo enacts her performance art on a variety of soft desserts, gripping, punching and squeezing everything from peeps to pop tarts. The result — a mesmerizing and strangely satisfying series of animated gifs.

mar cuervo

Cuervo’s ‘destroyer’ series turns impassioned ideas into performance with a powerful message.

‘I used my anger to rise against our society’s fear of the power of anger and against its obsession with perfection. anger is usually silenced and avoided as an ostracized and negative feeling, but it is probably the strongest feeling we have and the one that makes us change things’.

In the destruction of delicate desserts, squishing of soft cakes and squeezing of sweets, Cuervo turns simple acts into a ceremony, where inner outrage is funneled into the very elements that fuel them in the first place.





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