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Rising in the East? Chinese Abstraction

The western profile and marketability of contemporary Asian art has risen sharply in recent years, principally through the Japanese Gutai (‘concrete’) and Mona-ha (‘school of things’) and the Korean Dansaekhwa (‘monochrome painting’) schools, with their distinctive titles

Winners of the #MyFLV architecture photography contest announced.

To celebrate the fourth year since its public opening and to recognise the millions of visitors who have been inspired by its striking beauty, Fondation Louis Vuitton organised a contest on the theme of its architecture prompting visitors to share their best photos of Frank Gehry’s iconic building

FAD: Israel Art Tour Day 3

Thanks to the non profit organization Kinetis-VC brings the East to all of the London and New York FAD readers. From top knotch video art, galleries, creative people and projects, Israel continues to rock the contemporary art scene in their own unique way…

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