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Hector Campbell’s Top 5 For London Gallery Weekend

London Gallery Weekend kicks off this Friday, May 13th, with hundreds of special events and exhibitions taking place across London. To help you navigate we asked Hector Campbell, writer, curator and author of the weekly emerging art newsletter ‘The Shock of the Now’, to select his top choices from London’s selection of small to mid-size galleries.

Sasha Cherkas – Material Wounds, Bodily Limitations And Lacuna Amnesia

Shasha Cherkas is a Russian artist currently based in London. Upon graduating with an MA in Sculpture from the Royal College of Art last year, having previously completed her BA in Jewellery Design at Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design in 2018, she chose to forgo the offer of an online degree presentation as part of the RCA2020 virtual platform in favour of hope for a physical degree show at a later stage (as yet still uncertain).

Gillies Adamson Semple Interview – “I found that an absence of discernible scripture meant that symbols and images became more important than language”

Scottish born, London-based artist Gillies Adamson Semple recently sat down with art historian, writer and curator Hector Campbell to discuss his experience of artist residencies, his approach to curation, his return to art education and his current exhibition project springseason, which runs at Fieldworks in London Fields until September 10th.

Artist Billy Fraser Interview – “One day you will see Godzilla encapsulate total, absolute destruction, a poetic dance between seriousness and absurdity”

London based artist Billy Fraser recently sat down with art historian, writer and curator Hector Campbell to discuss his experiences with curation, his current reclusive studio practice, his enduring Godzilla obsession, an Apollo 11 inspired body of work and his current two-person exhibition And Here You Are, Holding On, with Milo Creese at Well Projects in Margate

Delphian Gallery Interview – “We wanted to be very candid, and talk about the lows as well as the highs”

Delphian Gallery co-founder and co-director Benjamin Murphy recently sat down with art historian, writer and curator Hector Campbell to discuss their annual Open Call, the Delphian Podcast, their Lockdown Editions initiative and their inaugural publication ‘Navigating The Art World: Professional Practice for the Early Career Artist’, supported by Foolscap Editions.

Florence Hutchings Interview – “I once made this purple and green painting and was thinking to myself ‘I wonder why I picked those colours’, only later did I notice I was wearing both those colours in my outfit.”

London based artist Florence Hutchings recently sat down with art historian, writer and curator Hector Campbell to discuss her prolific sketching of the everyday, her playful use of colour and scale, and her adoption of domesticity as her principal subject matter, as well as her upcoming solo exhibition, The Doors of Perception, with Delphian Gallery in Paris

How do you fit 46 artists into one show? Subsidiary Projects and Georgia Stephenson have managed (with a bit of magic) for their latest exhibition ‘The Potion Room’.

Subsidiary Projects, born out of a ground-floor flat due to the lack of exhibiting spaces in London, has relocated to the third floor of a community centre in Vauxhall Park. This new location was the starting point for curator Georgia Stephenson in preparing this ambitious exhibition construct with the gallery team; Natalia Gonzalez Martin and Nina Silverberg. 

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