Ctrl + Alt + Del

Ctrl + Alt + Del 12x12x3 Stephen Carley Saturday 28 February 09 11am—3pm Flags – union jacks made from dust, sandpaper, black oil paint, gold leaf… Giant slogans – blunt messages in hard edged vinyl – this is black and white! A blackboard – covered in hateful words. Tiny sculptures and tiny photographs – it’s […]

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Wanted: words of love

Artist Stephen Carley is collecting words/phrases that refer to the ‘chemical’ reaction that is love/lust/attraction/infatuation/etc’. Words/phrases could be quite obvious, or possibly not, formulaic or simply rude! They will be used in the next part in his series of 12 ‘happenings/events/exhibitions’ over the coming year, called ‘the love show’. Contributions must be received by January […]

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Stephen Carley: Visual Trials

Over the coming year, Stephen Carley’s Sheffield studio will be the context for a variety of monthly exhibitions or ‘visual trials’.

Sometimes existing artefacts will simply be exhibited. Maybes the space will be adapted or changed in some way or used for collaborative ventures. Guest curators could even be invited.

The bottom line is to concentrate fully on process, ideas, context and communication with an audience and build up a coherent body of work filtered by the structure of 12X12 and the monthly interaction with an audience.

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