Ctrl + Alt + Del

Ctrl + Alt + Del
Stephen Carley

Saturday 28 February 09

Flags – union jacks made from dust, sandpaper, black oil paint, gold leaf…
Giant slogans – blunt messages in hard edged vinyl – this is black and white! A blackboard – covered in hateful words. Tiny sculptures and tiny photographs – it’s all in the detail… Audio noise… Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me….
There will be a large blackboard and
plenty of chalk so visitors can write
or draw in response to the images
and words in CTRL ALT Z.


Location: Unit 20, Gordon Works,
Valley Road, Sheffield.

About Dan Sumption

Dan Sumption co-founded FAD with Mark Westall in 2001, and divides his time between Sheffield and London.

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