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Empty Space playlist for 27th May

Here is the playlist and listings for our radio show on 27th May 2008.

Podcast/MP3 of the show now available here: First Hour | Second Hour

Please contact us if you want to send us some music, produce a jingle or some radio art, or just get in touch about anything on the show. Or visit Empty Space on Myspace or the Empty Space Facebook group.


  • Simon Bookish – Prince of Wales
  • Woog Riots – The Queen of Pop
  • William D Drake – Pipistrelle
  • God's Little Eskimo – All that is Holy
  • Jamie Saft – God Knows
  • Billie Holiday – Strange Fruit
  • Leonora Carrington – The Debutante (short story)
  • Acolyte's Action Squad – Yak Buttons pts 3-4
  • Leon Rosselson – The World Turned Upside Down
  • Kings Have Long Arms and Phil Oakey – Rock & Roll is Dead
  • Ooberman – Heavy Duty
  • Cathy Ray – Televised Execution
  • David A Jaycock- The Improvised Killing of Doctor Faustus
  • Bocman – Tide Time
  • Richard Hawley – Who's Gonna Shoe your Pretty Little Feet
  • Brass Monkey – Imaginary Landscape No. 1
  • Martin Archer – Nach Schriesheim
  • Designer Babies – You Go Hugo
  • Scout Niblett – The Bell
  • Workshop – Für Wen?
  • Last Days of Lorca – I am a Rat
  • Kill the Captains – Bottom Lip
  • Rossman Frister – See
  • Michael Wookey – Heave-Themed Parties
  • Surreal Estate – Contrafactum in the Spirit of John Sheppard



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