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Empty Space playlist for 10th June

Here is the playlist and listings for our radio show on 10th June 2008.

Podcast/MP3 of the show now available here: First Hour | Second Hour

Please contact us if you want to send us some music, produce a jingle or some radio art, or just get in touch about anything on the show. Or visit Empty Space on Myspace or the Empty Space Facebook group.


  • Half Man, Half Biscuit – Turn a Blind Eye
  • The Pop Group – We Are Time
  • Saltpeter – Your Wife
  • Edward Barton – I've Got no Chicken But I've Got Five Wooden Chairs
  • Lake of Puppies – Si C'est Fidelité
  • William D Drake – The Kissing Song
  • Jowe Head – Jack in the Green
  • Dondero High School Band & Choir – Roundabout
  • Shannon Jackson and the Decoding Society – When We Return
  • God's Little Eskimo – Delicate Bird Bones
  • Methodist Centre – Angel Chest
  • Soul Coughing – Supra Genius
  • Ben Nash – The Seventh Goodbye
  • Billy Jenkins' Voice of God Collective – Country & Western
  • Kenny Process Team – Surf Logic
  • Karen Mulcahey – Get it Right Next Time
  • The Ex & Tom Cora – Stupid Competitions
  • Davey Graham & Shirley Collins – Dearest Dear
  • Service Users – The Third Wave
  • Inner City Unit – Newspeak
  • Baby Long Legs – Say What You Like
  • Bill Laswell – Activate
  • Sparks – Biology 2
  • James William Hindle – Feral Children
  • Cecil Taylor – Bemsha Swing



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