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TOP 6 Most Read on FAD this week.

Top 6 on FAD this week includes story of the week, a stabbing at Art Basel, Tabish in at number 2, a Virtual Reality music video, a review from Eric Thorp, FLUX exhibition the place to find New Art and the opening of a v big gallery in Mayfair.

1 People thought stabbing at Art Basel Miami Beach was performance art.


2 The Top 5 Art Exhibitions to see in London this week



3 Virtual Reality music video fabulous wonder.land selected for US premiere at Sundance Film Festival



4 Discover new contemporary artists at FLUX Exhibition opening tonight



5 REVIEW : The Performance Studio – Talk, So I Can See You


6 New, 3750 square ft gallery opening in Mayfair





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TOP 5 Most Read on FAD this Week

This week on FAD: THAT’s Interesting, Miserable selfie takers , Top 5 exhibitions, A Curated list of the best art events and how to make your car a Ferrari on the cheap!

TOP 5 most read on FAD this week.

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TOP 5 most read on FAD this week

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