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Discover new contemporary artists at FLUX Exhibition opening tonight

FLUX Exhibition is a groundbreaking and new kind of art event – a collection of the most dynamic painters, performance artists and musicians, which presents an alternative way to encounter today’s best new art.

FLUX has established itself as the platform for contemporary artists to be discovered and to be part of an exceptional, unconventional art event. Hosted by the Royal College of Art in Kensington and curated by Lisa Gray of Gray’s Art Gallery, this second much anticipated edition of FLUX brings 100 artists to the fore. Gray has hand selected the very best emerging talent for a five day interactive art event.

FLUX at Royal Academy
Gillian Hyland Delusion 1

Key artists in FLUX 2015 include:

Gillian Hyland, an Irish photographer whose work has been featured in the Wall Street Journal and Harper’s Bazaar. Her film noir style images earned her two silver medals at the Prix de la Photographie Paris in 2014.

FLUX find new art and artists
Andrew Kinsman After the Dance

Andrew Kinsman, one of thirty-five artists featured on the BBC2 Documentary, “Show Me the Monet”. He exhibited his hyper realistic paintings in 2011 at the prestigious Royal Academy of Art.

Patricia Volk was Regional Winner of the ING “Discerning Eye” prize for her colourful ceramics. One of her pieces was also selected as a Southern Arts prize and she is a member of the Royal Society of British Sculptors.

Steve Dolbin, an American sculptor whose work has appeared in the New York Times. Dolbin is also featured in the seminal textbook on Sculpture, “Shaping Space” by Zelanski and Fisher.

Emma Caton, an experimental mixed media installation artist who has been widely exhibited throughout the UK. Caton has also worked as a curator and has co-founded NEON, a non-profit arts organization.

Fuller, whose hand drawn maps of London have been featured on the BBC and Wired. Recently, a copy of his meticulous rendered map of Bristol has been archived in the Bristol Museum Historical Map collection.

Liviu Mihai, a Romanian painter who won the best artist prize at the Oxford International Art Fair, has shown his expressive, gestural paintings in numerous solo international exhibitions.

Marek Olszewski, a Polish photographer who has won numerous awards for his atmospheric landscape images. Olszewski is a member of North London Artist Network and he recently exhibited at The Strand Gallery.

Stasha Lewis, whose vibrant, freestyle acrylic paintings have had two successful sold-out exhibitions in London. Her work has also been shown at numerous London galleries including the Saatchi Gallery.

Gray says “FLUX is not a fair or a normal exhibition. FLUX is a unique experience for both artists and art lovers. Each artists work is considered so it does not compete with other work but stands alone and shines in its own light. The support we have gathered since the first exhibition has cemented our place in the contemporary art world and allowed us to continue to be creative.”

FLUX comes alive with musical guests and performance art installations, which complement the work and bring a new experimental approach to the exhibition.

The show represents a rare opportunity to gain direct access to a diverse group of gifted artists, on the path to being the big names of tomorrow. Showcasing new talents in a collaborative, curated show, FLUX celebrates dynamic emerging artists on the precipice of wider accolade and fame.

The full list of participating artists in FLUX 2015:

Laura Elliot,
Francisco Malonzo,Wyland Tondelier,Marc Craig,Joshua Vaughan,Keith Newlove,Patrick Colhoun,Sam Shendi, Sarah Purvey,Eric Sher,Alison Shanks,David Booth,Gary Scott,Gregory Ford,Jo Hatty,Simon Probyn,Zoe Landau Konson,Andrew Kinsman,Ben Oakley,Gianluca Pisano,Ignacio Burgos,Jaya Suberg,Kris Cieslak,Lisa Carletta,Milan Andov,Nieves Mingueza,Pedro,Stasha Lewis,Thomas Donaldson,Tomas Harker,Laura Iosifescu,
Gil Carvalho,Jo Holland,Santiago Alcon,Mark Lloyd,David Gwinnutt,Tibor,Alison Johnson,Anna Ravliuc,Arturo,Garcia,Caia Matheson,Caroline Reed,Christina Liebich,Dannielle Hodson,Dariusz Slusarski,Eleanor Buffam,Frikkx Fuller,Gareth Jones,Gillian Hyland,Hermione Carline,J Clean,Jess de Zilva,Jones Keyworth,Junko O’Neill,Karen Eames,Kerry Zacharia,Lee Knott,LesleOldaker,Liviu Mihai,Magda Blasinska,Manuel Strass,Manuela Xavier,Marcus Jake,Marek Olszewski,Meme,Oliver Winconek,Pernilla Iggstrom,Ronnie Jiang,Roy Milburn,Sally Jones,Sarah Fosse,Sonia Bublaitis,Steven Dolbin,The Finbury Park Deltics,Thomas Dowdeswell,Viv Owen,Yuichi Ikehata,Helen Acklam,Sabine Perigault,Gordana Vincic,Daniel Peace,Darren Macpherson,Gordon Scott,Jim Starr,John Clare,Rhiannon Salisbury,Harriet Hoult,Lee Ann Archer,Mason Storm,Paul Fenwick,Emma Caton,Mary Jane Evans,Caroline Lowe,Laurent Muller,Linda Lipinski,Lorraine Clewlow,Luke Williams,Patricia Volk,Peter Hanmer.

FLUX EXHIBITION, December 11-14th, Royal College of Art, London Private View: December 10th 6:30-9:30pm The Royal College of Art Kensington Kensington Gore, London, SW7 2EU
Opening Hours:
11th Dec Midday – 20.00
12th Dec Midday – 17.00
12th Dec 17.00 – 20.00 Private View
13th Dec Midday – 18.00
14th Dec 10:00 -15:00


Zoe Landau Konson_Mother me_Crocheted_298x59cm
Zoe Landau Konson Mother me Crocheted



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