TOP 5 Most Read on FAD this Week

This week on FAD – Tabish drops to third place! In at five for the first time on FAD’s Top 5 is Art Map London and their ‘Curated List of The Best Art Events to see in London. But top this week by a significant amount – Is Gustav Egerstedt and his THAT’s Interesting. In at two a post from the past , Artist Benedetto Bufalino shows you how to turn your normal car into a Ferrari. Finally at number four is the news that Londoners are the oldest and most miserable selfie takers in the world.

1 THAT’S Interesting Gustav Egerstedt ECD at Saatchi & Saatchi Stockholm


2 ArtPics: Turn your car into a Ferrari Testarossa
Artist Benedetto Bufalino has created a way for you to turn your car into a Ferrari Testarossa at only a fraction of the cost !



3 The Top 5 Art Exhibitions to see in London this week



4 Londoners are the most miserable and oldest selfie takers in the world!



5 A Curated List of The Best Art Events to see in London this week



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