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Alice Irwin: Life Lived with Play

Alice Irwin is a recent MA graduate in Printmaking from the Royal College of Art. Working with themes and imagery drawn from childhood memories, she creates bold and distinctive work

Geoff Litherland Catlin Guide artist preview number 4

To be honest I’d rather be a musician than an artist, one of those minimal composer instrumental types, like Fennesz or Murcof, but I can’t play any instruments to save my life, so I’ve had to do the best I can with the abilities I was born with, never mind.

Andy Picci Get Your Art On FAD#40

Andy Picci has developed over time a way of photographing his models his own: he locked himself in places deprived of light and illuminates the subject with a flashlight. This technique allows him to highlight only the parts of the image he deems interesting.

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