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A Life in Tattoos

Legendary Amsterdam tattoo artist and historian Henk Schiffmacher takes us on a personal journey through the history of tattooing from the 1730s to… Read More

The Top 5 Art Christmas Gifts

Beginning a week-long look at art gifts for Christmas on FAD magazine Tabish Khan the @LondonArtCritic has picked 5 Christmas gifts – no need to blow the budget and great gifts for even those who don’t celebrate Christmas.

Shantell Martin: Lines

HENI Publishing launches Shantell Martin: Lines, the first monograph on the contemporary British artist Shantell Martin. Created in close collaboration with the artist herself, the beautifully designed coffee table book features her work across drawing, performance, music, technology and fashion.

Parasol unit 2004-2020

It did mean that the end of Parasol unit at Wharf Road programme in London came rather unnoticed, but a handsome tome* now commemorates more than 50 major exhibitions held over the sixteen years 2004-20.

Delphian Gallery Interview – “We wanted to be very candid, and talk about the lows as well as the highs”

Delphian Gallery co-founder and co-director Benjamin Murphy recently sat down with art historian, writer and curator Hector Campbell to discuss their annual Open Call, the Delphian Podcast, their Lockdown Editions initiative and their inaugural publication ‘Navigating The Art World: Professional Practice for the Early Career Artist’, supported by Foolscap Editions.

David Wojnarowicz's 'Untitled (Face in Dirt)

Olivia Laing: Funny Weather: Art in an Emergency

Olivia Laing’s new book, Funny Weather: Art in an Emergency, couldn’t be more timely. Published in April, the book is a collection of Laing’s essays, profiles, book reviews, columns, love letters and more, positioning art as a reactionary tool and a source of healing in the wake of the ‘turbulent political weather’ that we endure, particularly since 2016.

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