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Book Launch: Magnus Resch’s ‘How to Collect Art’

Phaidon to release How to Collect Art, the definitive guide to the art market and collecting in the twenty-first century from Magnus Resch, the world’s leading art-market economist and best-selling author.

Relevant for those new to the art market and seasoned collectors alike, How to Collect Art outlines indispensable insight into key aspects of contemporary art collecting. From working with galleries and art advisors to attending art fairs and auctions, the book demystifies the art market and how to navigate it. An art-world insider, Resch features guidance from many of the most experienced experts in the field, including Andy Warhol collector David Mugrabi, art advisor Amy Cappellazzo, gallerist Jeffrey Deitch, and the CEO of Christie’s, Guillaume Cerutti. The book’s introduction, written by art collector Pamela J. Joyner, reflects on the process of art collecting, how to practice responsible buying, and the importance of advancing diversity within art collections — both personal and institutional.

Chapters in How to Collect Art include:

  • Investing in Art — Why Most Art Is Not a Good Investment
  • Navigating the Art Market — Data, Players, Power Structures
  • Collectors — Learning from Other Collectors
  • Artists — Selecting Artists to Collect
  • Galleries — Finding a Partner You Can Trust
  • Art Fairs — Buying at Art Fairs without Getting Overwhelmed
  • Auction Houses — Getting the Best Deals without
  • Art Advisors — Working with Advisors
  • NFTs — An Introduction and Overview

As with Resch’s previous Phaidon releases, Management of Art Galleries (2016) and How to Become a Successful Artist (2021), How to Collect Art combines rigorous research with an accessible tone. Data on art evaluation, auction records, art institutions, and exhibitions is presented with clarity and approachable visuals, offering an unprecedented approach to art collecting and its nuances. The book also features case studies of prominent artists, collectors, and activists, whose stories illustrate
how one can interact with the art world. Resch addresses essential questions, such as: What artists should I invest in? Where do I start? Which gallery should I visit? Is this price fair? How do I get VIP tickets for Art Basel? Where’s the best place to sell my art?

Considered the leading authority on business aspects of art, Resch teaches art management at Yale University and has previously taught on the subject at Columbia University. He has been interviewed by The Financial Times, The New York Times, and The Wall Street Journal as a leader in his field and his career has been studied in a Harvard Business School case study and in various articles.

With the inner works of the art world laid out in an accessible manner at an accessible price, How to Collect Art is a portable— and affordable—art advisor in your pocket.

How to Collect Art Magnus Resch, with an introduction by Pamela J. Joyner, Paperback 232 pp, Printed in two colors throughout 53/4 x 81/4 inches BUY HERE

About the Author

Magnus Resch. courtesy the author

Magnus Resch is the world’s leading art-market economist, serial entrepreneur, and best-selling book author. He teaches art management at Yale University, previously at Columbia University. In 2016, he launched the Magnus app, which works like Shazam for art. Magnus holds a PhD in economics and has written several books on the art market.



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