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New art book showcases ephemeral sculptures in Berlin’s public spaces.

Berlin-based artist and sculptor, Katharina Trudzinski (born 1977 Aachen, Germany) has announced the publication of her first book, “November Walk.” Published by distanz verlag, the book includes an introduction by renowned art critic Kristian Vistrup Madsen.

The book features a series of ephemeral sculptures situated in public spaces, their eye-catching, fluorescent colors and geometric shapes offering a humorous perspective on urban landscapes. Trudzinski’s geometric shapes rise brightly from a manhole cover, bend against a lowered roller shutter, stretch out on a bench, lean against a fence or arch between concrete pillars. Their aesthetic solutions seem to come out of nowhere as unexpected visitors to our reality.

What Trudzinski responded to on her walks was the general tristesse of the urban space at this
time, the stasis, the grey,

writes Madsen.

But there is a more convoluted variety of sadness at play, too, in her knowingly delusional attempts to try, with these colourful interventions, which exist, not even in a glimpse, but in the always already lost past of a photograph, to fix what cannot be fixed. It is like offering someone a gummy bear in the rain when what they need is an umbrella. That gummy bear is poetry, the umbrella utility. In states of exception, or times of moratorium, the utility of certain things wane. It is in that momentary vacuum that the artist

Trudzinski’s sculptures showcased in “November Walk,” serve as vibrant interventions in the
urban landscape, and offer a temporary respite from the monotony of everyday life. “November
Walk” is a testament to Trudzinski’s creativity, vision, and ability to transform public spaces into
captivating works of art.

For more information about Katharina Trudzinski and her debut book trudzinski.cargo.site



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