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Welcome to Communist Utopia

Peasant workers, production lines, and eager schoolchildren: this rare and fascinating publication brings together key artworks from Max Gottschalk’s vast collection of Chinese propaganda posters. Produced between the birth of the People’s Republic in 1949 and the early 1980s, these images are an astonishing document of the utopian dreams of Communist China and its campaign to conquer hearts and minds.

“Occasionally you get lucky and the book you envisioned is the one that actually gets made. Sometimes, you get extraordinarily lucky and the final product exceeds all your expectations.”

— Sven Larsen, Marvel Entertainment

Chinese Propaganda Posters

Hardcover, 26 x 34 cm, 2.73 kg, 320 pages£ 50Multilingual Edition: English, French, GermanMultilingual Edition: English, French, German BUY here

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