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Graham Fink: Duets

Artist and creative Graham Fink has collaborated with Shanghai fashion designer Ziggy Chen on the new collection’s visual identity that references dualities within people and place. Celebrating the nuances of individuality and community, the project will be on display at Rankin’s Annroy Gallery

Paul’s ART STUFF on a Train # 101: ‘I Fink it’s a Face’

Graham Fink (at Riflemaker to 21 March) is a pareidolian: he sees faces all over the place. That’s picked up in witty photographs which land somewhere between gestalt and abstraction by discovering visages in peeling walls, clouds and rock formations etc. True, I’ve seen that done before, but the surprising variety and specificity which Fink discovers gives his images an extra dimension. He displays a selection of these on monumentalising slabs of marble.

FAD Q&A : Graham Fink

The work is about exploration and discovery. The title of my show is called NOMADS which perfectly encapsulates the process and what I am.

PREVIEW: Graham Fink NOMADS at Riflemaker

Fink’s debut exhibition NOMADS consists of twelve of the most insistent ‘pareidolia’*, printed onto the purest white marble. The medium radiates life through the layers amalgamated in the printing process, one of the oldest known to man.

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