Graham Fink : Drawing With My Eyes @Riflemaker


In the upcoming exhibition by Graham Fink, visitors will experience live for the first time the creation of images using ‘Eye-Tracking’.

The artist will be ‘drawing’ live, using neither hand nor any instrument, other than his eyes. As he directs his own eye movement, lines appear on the page. He will achieve this with the help of software he developed in conjunction with Tobii Technology in China, specifically a Tobii ‘eye-tracker’.

The technology works by shining infra-red light straight into the eyes. The reflections are recorded by a camera through multi-algorithms and filters which allow eye movement to immediately be translated onto a screen.

Graham Fink writes:
I have been obsessed with faces since childhood. I see them in rocks, clouds, cracks in walls – images I see in my mind’s eye. These ongoing ‘eye drawings’ can now be brought to life without art materials, paint, pencil or brushes. What I ‘see’ I can draw directly onto a blank background, in this case a computer screen, using only my eyes.

I draw the lines in my mind’s eye and that is what develops. Sooner or later a face appears.
I work with this trusting my unconscious. The lines appear like digital charcoal markings.

Graham Fink: Drawing With My Eyes at Riflemaker 79 Beak Street, London W1F 9SU
Monday 16th March – Saturday 21st March Private View Monday 9th March.

About Tobii
Tobii is the world leader in eye-tracking, where all technology works in harmony with natural human behaviour. Tobii has transformed research in many fields and enabled communication for thousands of people with special needs

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