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5 Trends in Hair Coloring

It’s human nature to experiment, and there’s no source with which to experiment quite like one’s appearance. People will cut their hair all different ways, wear different makeup, and try different clothing styles; they’ll attempt to look taller, shorter, older, younger, thinner, fatter, or stranger. Humans also love to change their hair with all manner of hair dye colors and hairstyles, like proud peacocks and other colorful birds. 

In the Name of Beauty

In our world, there are so many things that people do in the name of beauty. Some of us slather shiny black cream across our skin to make it clearer. Many of us perch ourselves on sink counters to be as close as possible to our mirrors so that we can finally catch a glimpse of that single microscopic hair and pluck it. 

The Dos and Don’ts of Remote Work

Remote work, whether working from home, a coffee shop, or elsewhere, can help freelancers and flexible employees to get more done and derive more satisfaction from their work. There are also some pretty great co-working spaces available in bigger towns and cities – but what are the dos and don’ts of remote work? Getting it right is key, so read on

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