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4 Ways to Look and Feel Your Best When Turning the Big 3-0

When you turned 10, your mom and dad freaked out about how you were now in the double digits, but you were more interested in your upcoming slumber party with your besties. For your 20th birthday, your folks did the same thing, marveling at how you were no longer a teenager—but you were more excited about the nice dinner they had planned at your favorite restaurant.

Now that you are about to turn 30, you finally get where your parents were coming from about milestone birthdays. You cannot believe that you are leaving your twenties forever and, truth be told, you have mixed emotions about this whole “growing older” thing.

While it is totally normal to experience a variety of feelings about your 30th birthday, it is also an amazing turning point in life. To help you to look and feel your best (both physically and emotionally) as you enter a new decade of life, please consider the following words of advice:

1. Start Taking Care of Your Health

Up until now, you may have had a reactive approach to your health. For instance, you waited until you had a sinus infection to see your doctor or started eating extra healthily when you wanted to lose a few pounds for your cousin’s wedding. As you turn 30, it’s time to be proactive about everything regarding your health. Be vigilant about scheduling your well-woman checkups and basic physicals. Eat healthy food as often as possible. Make it a point to exercise regularly. And just as mom said, don’t skimp on your sleep. Not only will you look and feel better by doing these things, but if there is some health issue simmering underneath the surface, it’s better to catch it early on.

2. Be With People Who Make You Feel Good About Yourself

You may start the day feeling great about your accomplishments, but if you are around a bunch of negativity, your self-confidence may start to plummet. To celebrate your 30th birthday, vow to no longer spend a minute with anyone who does not treat you well. Gently let go of the people who do not make your life better. Don’t feel you have to settle for a ho-hum relationship with someone who is a major pessimist; date only those who lift you up and be with friends who love and accept you the way you are.

3. Experiment with New Makeup Techniques

Mother Nature can have a twisted sense of humor at times. For instance, those long lashes you probably didn’t care much about as a child will often disappear by the time you are 30. To help enhance your lashes and brows and possibly say goodbye to mascara, consider trying a lash growth serum. For example, Rodan + Fields has a lash serum that is formulated to naturally encourage lash growth and bonus — it is easy to use. In addition to the eyelash serum, you might start using a touch of foundation to even out your skin tone, experiment with some new lip gloss colors, and consider ditching the eye shadow and blusher for a more natural look.

4. Know that Happiness Comes from Inside

It can be easy to fall into the trap of thinking things like: “If only I made more money, I’d be happier” or “If I had a different apartment, my life would be better.” As you get into your 30s, you may realize that how much money you make and where you live does not determine your happiness—you do. Once you accept that you are in charge of your own level of contentment, you will find more joy and happiness and end up feeling a lot more relaxed about life. Stop pining away for the greener grass that is figuratively on the other side of the fence. Instead, focus your efforts on fertilizing your own “lawn of life” and you will look and feel a lot better.

Happy Birthday to YOU!

Yes, turning 30 is a major milestone but it can also be a very exciting and empowering time in your life. By taking charge of your health, saying goodbye to those who do not embrace your awesome-ness, giving new beauty products a try, and realizing that money and a new home are not equated with joy, you will enter the next decade happier, healthier and looking and feeling your absolute best.



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