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What is the ideal makeup for lockdown

Learn makeUp in Lockdown : Get the right look!

Makeup is an art and some people want to learn the tricks involved in makeup but have never got the time for the same. With the coronavirus pandemic, almost all the countries around the world have been under lockdown and people have got the option to work from home, which has given them enough time to learn new skills, and this includes learning makeup. Indeed, due to the pandemic people have been confined in their homes and are not getting much opportunity to do their makeup and just opting for natural look, but everyone is still optimistic and is waiting for the time when things would be back to normal and they would be able to roam freely with their makeup on.

Below are some of the tricks that will help you to get the right makeup look. 

  1. Invest money in the right tools and products

Before you start your makeup, make sure that you have the right tools and products for the process. Remember, if you want to learn how to do makeup like a pro, you also need to use the right products and tools like the professionals. Right products and tools are not always the expensive ones; you can even find good products and tools at an economical price. What is important is that you do proper research and read the list of the ingredients in your products before buying them. Also, you should give equal attention to the makeup tools, because many times people use the same brush for applying all the products, which can affect the application. While applying makeup, it is important how you hold your brush and where you hold it.

  1. Mix primer and foundation

So primer is always to be applied before foundation, right? Wrong! You can mix your primer with the foundation to get good coverage, without making your makeup look cakey. The technique will make your foundation appear creamy, which will increase the durability of the foundation when on your face. Your makeup will also blend better on your face. Not only this, this technique of mixing both primer and foundation will chalk off one step of applying makeup!

If you have oily skin, which tends to make your skin extra shiny sometimes after applying the foundation then you should use a sponge after applying the foundation. 

  1. The right concealer

Concealer helps you to conceal your zits, redness of the face, and blemishes. But, before learning which color of concealer you should use you need to learn to accept the flaws of your skin. Remember, no skin is perfect, and you should not do makeup to hide your real skin, but makeup is to enhance your looks. It does not mean that you don’t look beautiful without makeup and before learning to apply any kind of makeup; you need to be comfortable in seeing yourself without makeup.

Now when it comes to concealer, almost every beginner uses beige concealer, thinking it will cover their blemishes the best, but this is plain wrong. A beige color concealer will only make your blemishes look muddy. You need to choose the colour of your concealer based on the problem areas. So to cover the redness, you should use a green-pigmented concealer. To cover the dark eye circles you should opt for a pink concealer.

  1. Use bronzer to change the shape of your face

Bronzer is something that not many beginners experiment with. However, it is one of the most important products in makeup, which can change the shape of your face. The application of bronzer is not as easy as that of a concealer or a foundation, that is why people avoid using it. Contouring can make or break a look, and it is also important to choose the right shade of the bronzer before you start contouring. So, buy your products after proper research and keep in mind your skin tone. Contouring is something that you need to practice a lot in this lockdown. Not only for the face, but contouring can also help you to change the shape of your eyes.

  1. Eyeliner

Eyeliner is something that almost all of us love but find it extremely difficult to apply. The trick is you don’t have to draw your eyeliner all over your lash line in one go. Instead, you need to start from the inner corner of your eye and proceed till you reach the center of your eyelid and then stop. Next, you need to start from the outside corner of the eye and go on till you reach the center of your eyelid, where you had ended the first stroke of the eyeliner. 

  1. Perfect lips

With everything else, makeup has also made it possible for people to get those perfect lips. Perfect lips are the ones when both upper and lower lips are equal in size. This is something, which can also be done with the use of highlights and shadows.

Makeup needs a lot of patience and practice, and thankfully, this lockdown has given us enough opportunity to learn makeup. So bring your products and tools and get ready to achieve that perfect makeup look.



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