The Future of Art Part 6 Janet Lee

JANET LEE Series Editor, The Culture Show, BBC2

First, considering art of the present, we are in a curious period regarding ‘endings’. The fashion is for everything to be unresolved, you decide, art your way, you figure it out. Everything veers towards the proposal as if artists wish to tick dialogue, discussion, musing, rather than fixity. But if one is just trying to describe what is happening or open a discussion on the key defining trends of art now – this ‘art as proposal’ quality is certainly a strong contender. In effect, works in progress are the new finished works. What was once in the studio is now in the gallery. Take the video work in the Tate Triennial – a myriad of video in a tolerant, student-like casual arena, hand written name tags, tiny odd-bod booths for a popular international museum, rooms for 5 at a time etc. Yet so little of the work invites you to get a ‘complete’ take, little of it seems to imply that the beginning or the end matters. So much of it appearing yardage, take in as much as you like, it doesn’t matter. The artist seemingly saying, whatever, dropping by is all part of it. But I can’t believe this is the future. The only logic I can see is ironically a return to ‘classical’ values. Artists who are prepared to make it clear what they are saying, doing, imagining, thinking and feeling. In this way the future of art is probably like Gabriel Orozco’s La DS. 1993. Modified Citroën DS – a great idea beautifully done. Great ideas are the best bet for the future, works that communicate and tell us how the world is and could be. Not farting about quoting from famous books or pinning emails from each other on walls, awful artless charcoal drawings or re-doing fake ‘happenings’ from a fake 60s..

The video art of George Barber looks ‘modern’, his work has always been clear, with beginnings, ends and themes and is classical in that it clearly shows an artist in charge of his medium. The future is obvious really, people with talent will shine.





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Future Of Art was produced by Ben Lewis

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2 thoughts on “The Future of Art Part 6 Janet Lee

  1. Hi Sis! (Janet Lee) Glad to see you’re doing your thing at the BBC still. Get in touch! Annette x

  2. Hi Janet, I would love to meet you, if you are near Wybunbury, Nantwich at any time please come to see me, I have a lot to tell you that I am sure you would like to know. After all we did have the same Mother and I am sure that it is only far that you might want to know things that have happend along the way through our lives and want to know why they did.
    I know you feel that Annette is not your thing and I try very hard to understand her my self, but she was brought up by the same people that gave us away and it must be hard to come to turns with all that has happend to us all. You know life is what it is and we all have very busy ones, but to understand it all ways helps. I find it sad to know that the people who should have love and gide us throught our lives just did not want us very upsetting. I know you have a very busy life and I am always on the go my self, but may be, just may be you have a few things you would like to know? I am hoping that you might feel the same way and one day befor we die you might want to met up.   Yours hopefulley Chris.

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