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Skintight by Katarzyna Perlak

We Sing the Body Electric, an all-female, multimedia exhibition

We Sing the Body Electric is an all-female, multimedia exhibition at East London’s Gallery 46, curated by Camilla Cole and featuring: Juliette Mahieux Bartoli, Ingrid Berthmoine, Stine Deja, Enam Gbewonyo, Bex Ilsley , Laila Majid, Stacie McCormick, Alix Marie, Marie Munk, Fern O’ Carolan, Katarzyna Perlak, Cherelle Sappleton, Karolina Stellaki and Rebecca Wallis.

Juliette Mahieux Bartoli “Pax Romana”

Women run, float, and appear suspended mid-action amidst dramatic swathes of colour – blue, teal, pink and gold. Classical features and smooth marble-like skin are draped in fold upon luscious fold of silken fabric. We, the viewer, feel we are intruding on private moments.

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