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Brittany Shepherd, Glow, 2022

Slither into the ‘Wet And Messy’ world of Brittany Shepherd at MAMOTH

High Heels on the brink of ruin squelch precariously through muddy fields. A man conceals his entire face, almost suffocating in a painfully tight hooded raincoat. A woman scrapes her nails lovingly through a bog as if it were her lover’s hair. A puffy, taffeta prom dress is regretfully trashed beyond repair. A stiletto inexplicably burns continuously in an unwelcoming flame.   

A Conversation with Kottie Paloma, the creator of “art that looks like it’s gone to battle or been dragged through the mud” currently on show at Saatchi Yates

Currently hosting a solo show at Saatchi Yates, Kottie Paloma has burst onto the London art scene with his commanding, chaotic and cutting-edge canvases. Saatchi Yates is known for their exceptional ability to spotlight international talents worth serious recognition, and Paloma is no exception. 

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