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Robert White Does East London …

The fourth of December took me to Vyner st along with a thousand others. Seven shows that night, lets just start with the pretty good ones,the others, forget it.
Nettie horn struck true to form with a show by Kate Street (littledeath).Great infusion of a dark visual language that is backed by an obvious talent. Her drawings stylised, graphic and accomplished with an excellent look and finish, somewhat drew attention to the quality of the materials used in the wall sculptures. This is where the materials budget needs more investment. Dealing with issues of loss,death, romance, the macabre and absurd, playfulness and pain, the materials should hold the ideas weight and richness.

This is not a disservice as they are enjoyable never the less.
One to watch as she will grow into serious production values with longevity.

Salon 08′ at Vine space (Matt Roberts arts). An adjudicated show came up with some eclectic run arounds, such as a tree in glass jars forest, a painted Swiss alpine picture you could live with. (never thought I’d say that) and a few other gems make it one of the best on street and worth a visit.

Out Old st way Steffan Roman makes big drawings of architecture work wonders for a show at the foundry.
Big, good and probably a bargain at present.
Host gallery P.V.s had a book evening that left me running out the door but some will love it for its unique flavour and clique.The rest across east london? well, ran out of time.
Robert White.



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