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12 of the world’s most celebrated new media artists & collectives to star in new London exhibition.

Carsten Nicolai Unicolor 2014 Courtesy the Artist

180 Studios, SUUM Project and Fact have announced LUX, a major new exhibition of contemporary media art, taking place at 180 The  Strand, London. Featuring the artists: a’strict, Refik Anadol, Je Baak, Cecilia Bengolea, Cao Yuxi, Es Devlin, iart studio, Julian Knxx, Carsten Nicolai,  Random International, Hito Steyerl, Universal Everything. 

The exhibition opens to the public on 13th October, with tickets on sale from tomorrow Tuesday 21st September.  

Featuring 13 large-scale installations, LUX brings together 12 of the world’s most celebrated new media artists and collectives working with the latest audio-visual technologies to expand the boundaries of interactive and immersive art and blur the lines between the physical and virtual worlds.  

Es Devlin BLUESKYWHITE 2021 Courtesy the Artist

The exhibition will debut several newly commissioned works, including BLUESKYWHITE, a  large-scale site-specific installation by Es Devlin; Black Corporeal (Breathe), a critical examination on the relationship between materiality and the black psyche by Julian Knxx;  a new kinetic media sculpture Flower Meadow by Swiss studio for media architecture iart;  and new work Morando by celebrated Korean collective a’strict. The exhibition will also feature the UK premiere of Renaissance Generative Dreams by Refik Anadol.

Universal Everything Transfiguration 2020 Courtesy the Artist

LUX, from the Latin for ‘light’, focuses on the artistic presentation of the myriad different characteristics and the nature of hope that light embodies. LUX evokes unity across the colour spectrum, embraces diversity to create unique experiences that are only possible through media art and OLED display technology. LUX intends to shed light on the world in dark times, stimulating all the senses and encouraging visitors to fully engage with the vast space of 180 Studios. 

astrict Starry Beach 2020 Installation view

“Through these media-based artworks we want to offer a new experience that awakens our new spiritual and spatial perception. We also hope to create a new artistic value that provides a fresh direction to new media art“The artists in LUX are working at the very cutting-edge of digital technologies, using artificial  intelligence, generative and interactive algorithms, dimensional sound and optical illusion to  create a new kind of artistic experiences.”

Dr. Jiyoon Lee, LUX Curator and Director of SUUM Project

LUX: New Wave of Contemporary Art  180 Studios, 180 The Strand, London 13th October – 18th December 2021 Adults: £18 / Concessions £13  180TheStrand.com 

Cao YuxiShan Shui Paintings By AI installation-view

About SUUM Project SUUM is an internationally focused contemporary art curating office founded in London by Jiyoon Lee in 2003.  Meaning ‘breath’ or ‘vitality’ in Korean, SUUM champions contemporary art, using creativity and innovation to communicate with wider cultural audiences, and striving to bridge the Asian and European contemporary art worlds. Over the past 18 years, SUUM has organized more than 100 global contemporary art exhibitions in the world’s leading art museums and biennales, and advises many corporate supporters of the arts. Founding  Director Dr. Jiyoon Lee is an accomplished art historian and curator with 25 years of experience organising contemporary art exhibitions in Seoul, London, New York, and Beijing. She holds a Ph.d from the Courtauld  Institute of Art and curated the 5th Busan and 5th Liverpool Biennales. From 2014-2016 she was Deputy  Director of MMCA Seoul and is now Guest Chief Curator at Central Academy of Fine Arts (CAFA) in Beijing.  Her current work builds on the expansion and connection between art and contemporary technology, industry,  and culture and includes spearheading the Pyeongchang Olympic Art Project (2018) and the LG OLED Art  Project (2020 – present). suumproject.com



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