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FOLD now represent the artist Márton Nemes

FOLD have announced representation of artist Márton Nemes.

Márton Nemes, b. 1986. Székesfehérvár, Hungary. Lives and works in London and Budapest. Graduated from MFA Chelsea College of Arts, London University of Arts in 2018. Exhibitions include: ‘Salón ACME’, project with Annka Kultys Gallery, Mexico City. MX (2019). ‘Ghosng Love’, Annka Kultys Gallery, London, UK (2019). ‘New Posions’, solo project with Deak Erika Gallery at Art Cologne, Cologne, DE (2019). ‘Tomorrow’, Szent Istvan Kiraly Museum, Székesfehérvár, HU (2019). ‘Shaping Realities’ (Duo with Tamas Hencze), Deak Erika Gallery, Budapest (2017), ‘UnderCovered’ (solo), Kunstklang Gallery, Münich (2016). Awards and residencies include: Residency at Westport Art Center, Westport, US (2015), Residency Salzburg, Austria (2014), Ludwig Prize (2012).

“As an artist, Marton Nemes embraces the dualities that surround him as a result of his personal experiences and socio-cultural background. Whilst his use of fluorescent, saturated colour and opulent, polished metals could be considered a rebellion against his conservative, austere upbringing in Hungary, he maintains within his work and practice a discipline and studiousness impressed upon him from an early age. Similarly, Nemes came of age during the peak of the digital revolution as part of the first generation of digital natives, never offline, yet he marries conceptual contemplations of his innate online existence with a perhaps unexpected passion for the material mediums of painting and sculpture that underpin his artistic output.  Finally, Nemes studied industrial design at a time by when technological advancements in engineering and manufacturing had rendered many traditional vocations obsolete, yet he continuously strives to integrate both innovative production methods and more conventional craftsmanship into his artistic practice.”

Hector Campbell, Art Historian, Writer & Curator




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