Rose Pilkington talks about her art practice and her recent collaboration with Arto LIFEWTR

Arto LIFEWTR®, a premium water brand committed to advancing and showcasing emerging artists on a global stage exhibited it’s upcoming design series (launching Spring 2020) Unconventional Canvas, at this year’s Frieze London. Art by John Booth, Rose Pilkington and Joy Miessi was on display in the Arto LIFEWTR lounge.
FAD managed to have a chat with all three artists at Frieze about their art practice, working with Arto LIFEWTR and more, below is the first with artist Rose Pilkington.

Can you tell us a bit about your art practice the mediums you use and the subjects you like to investigate
I am a digital artist and I use 3D software to generate imagery and explore/facilitate my visual process. A thread that has always run through my work is the exploration of the idea that colour can have a profound effect on the way we feel. Its presence is always at the forefront of my work.

Where do you find inspiration for your creativity? I’m very drawn to vivid colour combinations and natural textures. A lot of my reference material comes directly from nature; birds, reptiles, fish, flowers.

You classify yourself as a digital artist – do you ever go analogue? At the moment everything I create is computer generated, unless it is then translated into a physical design, such as the Arto LIFEWTR bottle. But I’m looking for ways to start bringing what I make digitally into the real world. Because I’m so interested in tactile textures it only makes sense that someone might one day be able to hold what I make in their hands.

How has it been working with Arto LIFEWTR?
Can you tell us about the work you produced for this collaboration

I was given a lot of freedom when it came to making the artwork itself. The brief was very much open to interpretation which I always love. It was a nice opportunity for me to create a bespoke piece of work that also represented my vision. It’s rare that I’m able to translate a digital piece of work and place that onto a physical object. Its something I always love to be able to see in my work, because it gives it a whole new context of tangibility.

You like colour? I have a real obsession with colour and its a huge part of my work. When it comes to choosing colour palettes, most of the time it is very instinctual.

Finally what plans do you have for 2020
I have a burning desire to put on a personal solo exhibition, made up of a mix of sculpture and video. But sadly its always something that gets pushed to the back when commercial projects get priority. If time and funds allow, hopefully, one day in the very near future. In order for me to continue staying sane with commercial led projects its really important for me to engage in my personal work and keep my inspiration flowing.

Unconventional Canvas from Arto LIFEWTR launches Spring 2020 @artolifewtr

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