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Don’t miss Zachary Eastwood-Bloom’s first solo show on now at Pangolin London

Touted as the future of sculpture, Zachary Eastwood-Bloom has his first solo show on now at Pangolin London. The exhibition forms part of the artists in residence programme run by the gallery, an initiative supported by the PJLF that aims to support grass-roots sculptors. No other commercial gallery runs such a programme. Pangolin London provides a platform for Eastwood-Bloom to show his most recent work which is at the fore-front of sculptural practice.

Eastwood-Bloom explores the intersection of the physical and immaterial, the historical and the cutting-edge, referencing classical imagery and adopting digital aesthetics to create his work.
For the exhibition, he has created a series of eight sculptures, based on the planets in our solar system. The works are visually arresting combinations of mythological figures, the personifications of the planets, and depictions of the planets as they are. These works are created in a variety of classical materials including marble, bronze and silver.

The artist demonstrates how mastering the digital as a tool in the sculptors practice can revo- lutionise the production of contemporary sculpture and challenges the current perception that digital processes in some way undermine the skill of the artist. Time, space and materials are all precious commodities and the use of digital software in the production of sculpture allows Eastwood-Bloom to work in an uninhibited, creative way. Being able to visualise the nal work means that costly materials, such as marble or bronze, are not wasted and, by creating maquettes digitally, the studio space required is smaller. The digital sphere enables artists to take more risks in the creative process.

Zachary Eastwood-Bloom Divine Principles on till November 10th www.pangolinlondon.com

About The Artist
Eastwood-Bloom has an MA in Ceramics and Glass from the Royal College of Art and through his work explores diverse materials including bronze, jesmonite, ceramics and glass. He has been part of the Crafts Councils touring exhibition ‘Lab Craft: Digital Adventures in Contem- porary Craft in 2010 and 2011, and exhibited with the V&A and the Royal British Society of Sculptors. In addition, he co-founded Studio Manifold in London in 2010 with a group of artists and designers brought together by a shared enjoyment of material and process. An unrivalled knowledge of materials and how materials can be used in sculptural practice, alongside an acute understanding of the impact that digital software can have on 3D work, is at the heart of Eastwood-Blooms practice.



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