Stefano Giovannoni’s Rabbit Chair 

The “Rabbit Chair” is the latest creation from Stefano Giovannoni’s magic hat, and we like it –

Its part of a family of products – (You can find out more over on his new website/brand)
“The idea of the rabbit comes from the connection between its silhouette and the silhouette of a chair, where the rabbit’s ears become the setback of the chair. It has a double variation, for adults and for kids, and there is also a third version, illuminated, that can be a lamp.
Young and olds can sit down and lean the back against rabbit’s ears or on the opposite side, riding it and leaning the arms on its ears.
The rabbit is a gentle animal, lovable and tender. In Western and Eastern culture it symbolizes love and fertility, it is a sweet and auspicious object that brings good fortune and good wishes.”

We couldn’t have put it better . It comes in lots of colours : violet, white, light grey, grey, dove grey, light green, pink, orange, gold.

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