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A pudding that endless screw agglomerates.

Another great title for an exhibition;’A pudding that endless screw agglomerates’, is borrowed from a sketchy translation of the script of Alain Resnais’ film Le chant du styrène (1958) which also lends its title to one of the works in the show. This film, with its voice-over of Alexandrian verses written by Raymond Queneau, describes the magically alchemical, and simultaneously ultra-modern industrial production of plastic.


The artists Tomek Baran, Pauline Beaudemont and Nicolas Deshayes in turn make use of industrial and synthetic substances. 

Although the works’ materials – brass, enamel, and endlessly mouldable polyurethane – offer especially resilient surfaces, their forms simultaneously appear as entrails, cavities and habitats. The three artists are concerned with aspects of interiorisation and externalisation, digestion and transformation. Rough translations of text (as in the title) and matter, alloys, smelter, and vacuum forming shape and fabricate the exhibition.

Polnisches Institut Berlin | Vernissage: 4. Februar, 19.00 Uhr | Ausstellung: 5. Februar – 2. April 2016, Öffnungszeiten: Di–Fr 10.00–18.00 Uhr | Burgstr. 27, 10178 Berlin | www.polnischekultur.de |



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