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ART PICTURE STORY: Gabriel Andreu Takeover: #PostDigitalWeekend @DegreeArt

A matter of blood by gabriel andreu


by Gabriel Andreu

Untitled, unnamed, sold by Gabriel Andreu

Gabriel Andreu photography

Gabriel Andreu is a multimedia artist working with film, performance and photography. His work sees him take up the roles of artist, director, actor and author; he uses media such as photography, video and performance. Collaborating with others, he explores feelings, fears, and frustrations. Notions of social art, identity and masculinity often appear in Gabriel’s work. In his most recent project ‘A Matter Of Blood’ he explores the relationship between siblings.

You can watch ‘A Matter Of Blood’ @DegreeArt in ‘Post Digital: Are We There Yet?’ until 14th August 2014, 12a Vyner Street, London E2 9DG.



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