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Toni Gallagher Answers FADs Questions

1 If you weren’t an artist, what else would you be?
A, I would like to be a Jockey in any event riding a race horse is definitely on the bucket list.

2.Can you tell us more about your work and what are the main ideas you would like to express?
A, I am drawn to absurd human behavior and our excesses, my work is for me is a form of escapism, the most stressful periods in my life have been the most creative.

3.How do you start the process of making work?
A, It starts with an image in my head that I attempt in a very open minded way. I try to be very open when approaching a project and let go of too much control. For example my project Synchronized Blow up Dolls. Started out in my head as bodies floating in a David Hockney style pool. I end up with synchronized blow up dolls.

4.Do you consider the viewer?
A; I have to say until now I have not considered the viewer, as I see it I am making work that is a little insight into the stuff inside my head. I am not making things that I think people want me to make.

5.Name 3 artists that have inspired your work?
A; Cartsen Holler , Kris Kuksi and Damian Hirst

6.Name 3 of your least favorite artists.
A; I cant really answer this because even peoples work that I am not mad keen on still teach you something about what not to do…. If that makes sense

7. What defines something as a work of art for you?
A; A painting sculpture or photograph that makes me stop and think. Hopefully it makes me look at the world differently, well this is what I am hoping t achieve with my work.

8 In times of austerity, do you think art has a moral obligation to respond topically.?
A; yes

9 Anytime any place – which artist body would you most like to inhabit
A; Salvador Dali, that would be a blast

10 What is your favorite ism ?
A; Individualism…

11 What is the most intelligent thing someone has said about your work?
A ‘The presence of dualities that embody complex notions of attraction, repulsion, curiosity and voyeurism is one of the hallmarks of this inventive exhibition.’ Written by Seline Bullocke talking about my upcoming show the Gluttonous lady that swallowed a fly.

12 And the dumbest?
A; I think that has yet to happen but im sure it will

13 Which artist would you most like to rip off, sorry, I mean appropriate as a critique of originality and authorship?
A; Chris Ofili , I would love to make colorful sparkly pieces like him but that work as yet has not come out of me.

14 Do you care what you art costs?
A; I do think prices are high for some pieces but that is the way of the world, you wouldn’t pay the same for a dress from a high street store as you would for a one off couture gown…

15 If Moma , the Tate and the Pompidu wanted to acquire one of my works each, which would you want them to have?
A; Moma I would like to have one of the Synchronized blow up series.
The Tate I would love to show Xanthe , the full size X-ray of a horse that will be in the Gluttonous lady exhibition in November
And the Pompidu I would like to a collection from Nimis, Too much, over much , excessively. The kaleidoscopes that I am currently working on.

16 Whats next for you?
A;. There is an ice piece I have been dying to work on for a while and obviously that piece is seasonal, I am dragging my salopetttes out of the cupboard as we speak.

SEE: Tony Gallagher’s Solo exhibition:
The Gluttonous Lady That Swallowed The Fly More Details:HERE



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