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five / eleven | Jon Anders Gulbrandsen | Future Map 11

Jon Anders Gulbrandsen’s investigation into the symbolism of Norse mythology poses questions of the weight and relevance of myths, how they come to have meaning, and their peculiar enduring relevance, a kind of weight of signification which belongs to all myths, ancient and modern.

Guldbransen’s aim was to explore “the way these ancient myths, specifically the creation myth, explain the world beyond what we can see, hear, touch and feel. Through the means of animation and sound, I attempt to make the viewer reflect on the metaphysical aspect of traditional mythology; the result being an animated, and somewhat surreal, spiritual journey”.

The final realisation in this investigation is a series of animated myths, vivid candy coloured abstractions of Nordic mythology, which retain a powerful and hypnotic elemental energy. A convincing demonstration of the power of graphic design to communicate essential meaning, there is a charming synchronicity in an investigation into a more essential kind of story telling, with a medium which sidesteps language to tell a story.

Future Map 11 opens on January 12th at the Zabludowicz Collection and will showcase the best talent from 2011 University of the Arts degree shows, as selected by a guest panel of industry leaders. 30 creative talents for the future will form the exhibition, with one winning the Zabludowicz Future Map Prize.



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