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The Top 5 Contemporary Art Exhibitions of 2022

Tabish Khan the @LondonArtCritic normally picks his favourite top 5 exhibitions that are on right now. However, in this article he’s looking back across 2022 to pick his favourite shows of the year his  Top 5 Contemporary Art Exhibitions of 2022. Those looking for current shows to see should check out his top five exhibitions to see before the end of 2022, where three remain open to visit.

Cornelia Parker @ Tate Britain

Conceptual art can often be alienating to the casual art viewer but not in the hands of Cornelia Parker. Whether it’s an exploded shed or a woven Wikipedia entry this art is intelligent and weighty while being playful and accessible at the same time. The exhibition was conceptual art at its finest. Special mention should also go to the excellent Hew Locke installation that was also on at Tate Britain, and remains open.

Rana Begum: Dappled Light @ Pitzhanger Manor & Gallery

Colourful mesh clouds catching the light filtering into the gallery and bright threads zigzag across the stairway. This was one good looking exhibition that was beautifully suited to the architecture of the building. Rana Begum is deservedly having her moment in the spotlight right now and this is the strongest exhibition I’ve seen at this venue.

In The Black Fantastic @ Hayward Gallery

Great fantasy and science fiction is about taking us away to other worlds, while also relating to the one we’re on and that’s exactly what this exhibition did and from an important black perspective. It had a great mixture of important political pieces and visually striking ones. Plus Hayward Gallery is also ending the year strong with the brilliant Strange Clay still showing.

The Director: Marcus Coates, by Artangel

Artangel has developed a great reputation for impressive installations and this one scattered throughout Pimlico was an emotional one. Artist Marcus Coates being directed by those who have lived experience with psychosis, all playing in non-art settings, left a powerful lasting effect on any visitor.

LuYang: Neti Neti @ Zabludowicz Collection

Arcade machines, fight sequences and pumping music. It’s sensory overload in this current exhibition that also asks deeper questions around digital avatars and religion and spirituality in the technological age. It’s an intense and unforgettable exhibition. For those who prefer a more museum-style exhibition then the Hallyu exhibition at V&A was also a highlight of the year.

Cornelia Parker image: Tate Photography (Oli Cowling). Rana Begum photo: Andy Stagg. In The Black Fantastic photo: Zeinab Batchelor. Artangel photo: Hugo Glendinning. LuYang photo: David Bebber. All images courtesy and copyright respective artists and galleries.

Contemporary Art Exhibitions of 2022



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