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Poppy Bisdee was one of the highlights of this year’s degree shows, and stole the show at Wimbledon College of Art. Her work queries spatial representations by employing various recording and presentation technologies, including film and projection, to capture ephemeral qualities which define the experience of spaces. The sculptures created are minimal installations representing space and time. Through juxtaposition they structure an experience which is at once physical, sensory and temporal, with the viewer becoming the catalyst element, their role as spectator, subject or performer thrown into question though a sophisticated mirroring of their physicality in the images, sounds and shadows used.

Poppy Bisdee, Interrupting Reflection 2011

Bisdee’s works respond to the spaces where the viewer experiences them, sometimes creating a space within a space, all site-specific, whether located within white cube spaces or spaces charged with a history. The aim throughout is to emphasise the sensory quality of materials in order to heighten the viewer’s awareness of their perceptive senses. Inspired by Eadweard Muybridge’s pioneering use of photography to capture movement and time, Bisdee uses lengths of film in a similar vein, reflecting the viewer’s movement in a length of time. This has led on to explorations using a length of film to direct the duration of the act of viewing.

Unit 2011, Overhead Projector and acetate print form

Fascinated by light, space and time, Bisdee explores ways of capturing and depicting these minimal and ephemeral elements, documenting the ways they make up an experience. For example, in 12.11.10 a space was photographed at one moment in time. This photograph is then projected back into the space; and, this held moment presented through the transience of light, is framed by the constantly advancing time of the present space.

Motion 2011 Plywood, Rope light and slide film


Future Map 11 opens on January 12th at the Zabludowicz Collection and will showcase the best talent from 2011 University of the Arts degree shows, as selected by a guest panel of industry leaders. 30 creative talents for the future will form the exhibition, with one winning the Zabludowicz Future Map Prize.


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